Rightly said “you cannot control what you do not measure”. The fad about Six Sigma may have been due to savings in large proportions for organizations to take action or its ability to be applied to different situations with actionable and quantifiable results. Either ways fad or not, Six Sigma is not going to go away, it’s here to stay. The concepts when understood are very basic. Bottom line is to look and measure your input and then you have the power to affect the output. The thought of going lean can be daunting and frightening.

Unlike a lot of rumors Six Sigma is not keeping and creating volumes of documents and it is indeed written in language understood by everyone. Simple the better. The beauty is to look at the quantified results and have one of the moments. Some people are just discouraged by the big talk and use of big words but no matter how to represent Six Sigma or not if you can show results and measure it, you can save resources and adjust to the leaner existence.

Going lean for weight issue does not always mean getting rid of favorite food similarly going lean in Six Sigma does not really mean getting rid or processes and making a huge overhaul. It just means to take the smaller step to watch what you consume. Whether it is an individual or organization the only way we can be leaner is by our own effort and vigilance.

I have learned that in order to embrace a change it should just make sense. As uncomfortable a change may be if there is a benefit which can be measured the step becomes easier to take. Six Sigma is mentality to focus on improvement. With its immense resource when going lean is the focus, Six Sigma is the most important tool in the Lean diet kit.