Six Sigma Consulting

Six Sigma Consulting

Six Sigma starts by setting management business objectives desired by organizations and resources deployed to meet the objectives. Statistical and scientific methodical tool like DMAIC (DEFINE MEASURE ANALYZE IMPROVE CONTROL) makes the measurement as well as improvement of process quantifiable and making Six Sigma indispensable for company’s objective realizations.

Since Six Sigma is data driven making it a value-added process which makes change acceptable by removing ambiguity with knowing which parameters will create most impact on output.

Six Sigma is a Management System, Improvement process, Statistical Process, Standard Deviation Measurement tool but all in all it is what an organization needs to continuously meet customer demands along with organizations financial and process improvement.

Benefits of Six Sigma

1. Increased ROI from process and quality product with growth sustaining controls.

2. Customer Satisfaction.

3. A Structured Approach with quantifiable results and output for detail decision making.

4. Versatility makes it easier to use in different areas of Organization.

5. Continuous Improvement tool.

6. A Strong and Focused Management Leadership.

7. Efficient Benchmarking System to stay competitive.

8. Typical Six Sigma gains a reduction in Lead Time to half, Increase in Productivity by at least 25%, Inventory Reduction by 50% and Reduction in Defect of course by 99.99966%.

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