ISO Services

ISO Services

GAP Analysis:

Before we start on the certification or accreditation process a GAP Analysis is done. It will give realistic information as to where your company is in terms of a management system, procedure, process flow plan and work order flow and where it needs to be in order to be compliant with the particular ISO Standard. All this information will be comprised as a report and reviewed with the organization's management team. Request a Quote Now

ISO Certification:

ISO standard dictate what needs to be done and not how hence more is left for interpretation. This allows us to develop a plan which best covers the areas specific to your company needs and if necessary provide solution to improve process, productivity & related areas which do not comply with standard.

Internal Audit:

To add Value to our service and commitment to quality we provide Internal Auditing Service. This could be supplemental to your organizational pre-existing quality system or independent consulting. We will come to your location and record audit activity on special checklist. Upon completion of Audit we give a summarized report which will include strength and deficiencies. Also giving supporting evidence and corrective and preventive actions to comply with standard.

Quality System Maintenance:

For lean and Horizontally Structured Organization it becomes important to have the certification to satisfy their customers or valued supplier needs. Our value-added Quality System maintenance service is answer to this difficult dilemma. Cost of hiring a fulltime Quality person is “$45000” for Small to Mid-size companies. Our flat rate pricing option and dependable service provides the flexibility you are looking for.

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Complimentary ISO Consultant Assessment:

To access your organization's need we will provide free visit to your location.

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