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ISO Certification Road Map

Sync Resource Inc. will work to ensure that your certification is a genuine asset to your business by linking quality and efficiency to more targeted corporate objectives. We help you to set higher objectives and we have a plan to achieve them. At every engagement, we employ our 8-step certification process to get the most from your ISO consultation and certification

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Step 1: Informational Meeting

Our process begins with an informational meeting, during which we seek both to introduce you to our consulting services and to learn about the unique attributes of your business.

Step 2: GAP Assessment

A GAP Assessment to identify gaps in system and also understand how different departments are correlated is conducted on site. A thorough assessment report is provided with opportunity for improvements identified.

Step 3: Awareness Program

We start this phase as early as possible to ensure mutual understanding of your goals and our processes prior to commencing any formal activity.
Many of your organization are aware about ISO Standard Specific during course of their professional experience. So a refresher presentation with new changes is provided. This has all the elements of ISO Standard and very thorough. All departments will have access to it.

Step 4: Department SME Interviews

Since our service is based on creating a system which is towards capturing only valuable and decision making information we start our process by conducting interviews with different departments. A department lead is selected for certification purpose who provides information of the department specific process and we draft Procedures, Work Instructions/Use Cases, Forms based on it.

Step 5: Documentation and Implementation

Upon creation of documents, after review with Department leads Top Management will approve of the documentation and provide directives for implementation. An effective Implementation is carried out with our consultant monitoring it to ensure that process owners are following the new system. Tandem to this Management will help identify organizational objectives and role specific objectives for departments and their designated personnel. Our company USP is creating these documentations in as little as 7 days depending on size of organization and providing resources to monitor Smart Goals using dashboards for KPI.

Implementation can be an iterative process and we help with changes as soon as they are identified.

Step 6: Internal Audit

An Internal Audit is a valuable opportunity to gather information and acquire a high level understanding of your company’s current level of compliance with standard. We include all department heads/leads in internal audit team train them. Observing and diagnosing problems early in the process allows corrections to be implemented into your management system before the certification audit. Second, an internal audit familiarizes your personnel with all organizational processes. This creates a great amount of transparency and a sense of responsibility and ownership of processes.

Step 7: Stage I Audit

An on-site Stage I Audit assesses your organization’s documentation and analyzes its current compliance with ISO standard. Sync Resource helps procure quotes from Certification Bodies(CB) to compare prices if requested. Additionally, during the Stage I Audit, external audit team will evaluate your organization’s readiness for the Certification Audit (also referred to as the “Stage II Audit”). More specifically, a Stage I Audit includes the following components:

►Analysis of information system documentation and key performance indicators
►Collection of information regarding scope and related regulatory requirements
►Evaluation of internal audits and management reviews
►Planning for Certification Audit and confirmation of audit team requirements
►Determination of readiness for Certification Audit

To prepare for the formal Stage I and Stage II Audits, it is important for your organization to prepare a package of the following documents:

►Company IMS manual and IMS management procedures
►Work instructions and frequently used forms
►An annual report, if available
►Facility information (address, size, number of employees)

Best practices to prepare for these audits also include completing a cycle of internal audits, corrective actions, and management reviews.

Step 8: Stage II Certification Audit

At this crucial phase, CB audit team conducts the audit necessary for ISO Standard compliance certification. The duration of this audit depends upon a number of factors, including, but not limited to, the number of employees, the complexity of the project, and the latest revisions to the International Accreditation Forum Mandatory Document Guidelines. Upon successful completion of the Stage II Certification Audit, CB will issue a Certificate of Registration.


Following the Stage II Certification Audit, a member of CB audit team will return to the site at least once a year for routine surveillance visits.

Management Standards

We specialize in following ISO standards

1. ISO 9001 : Quality Management System (QMS) for all companies
2. ISO 17025 : Lab Management System (LMS) for Testing & Calibration Labs
3. ISO 13485 : Management System for Medical Devices Industries
4. ISO 20000-1 : Service Management System (SMS) for Service Industries
5. ISO 27001 : Information Security Management System (ISMS)
6. ISO 16949 : Automotive Industry Management System (IATF)

We also offer

• Transition from ISO 9001: 2008 to ISO 9001: 2015
• Transition from ISO TS 16949 to IATF 16949:2016
• Transition from ISO 17025 to ISO 17025:2017
• Integrated Systems which combines one or more of the above standards

Please contact us to find out more about the standards and how it applies to your specific industry.

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