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What is ISO 17025?
ISO 17025 is a set of requirements for Laboratories performing testing and calibration activities that are drafted and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It applies to Labs of all sizes, big or small, standalone or part of a bigger organization, one location or mobile location.
Why is ISO 17025 Accreditation beneficial?
ISO 17025 Accreditation proves a laboratory has an acceptable lab management system in place, and it has the ability and competence to provide testing and calibration results. Accredited labs perform tests or calibration against international standards (ISO 17025) or Lab developed methods. Results are mutually acceptable between different governmental and regulatory organizations.
Why invest in ISO 17025 Accreditation?
  • Efficient management of all procedures and adequate documentation.
  • A thorough working management system will ensure saving valuable time and money.
  • A well-maintained testing environment will ensure legitimacy and the appropriate calibration of equipment.
  • Quality awareness and confidence in the calibrated or tested data.
  • Opens the horizon for growth opportunities in commercial or government sectors.

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