Six Sigma Services

Six Sigma Services

Onsite Assessment:

In order to establish the need to implement Six Sigma and avail its benefits its necessary to identify where does a organization stands in terms of its objective realization and what are its critical to characteristic (CT) features. Our assessment service will orient the future goals to present performance goals and giving management a tool to move business forward with success in vision.

Project Selection:

Successful implementation of six sigma starts with proper selection and chartering of project. After the priorities are established, project teams are selected and roles identified.

Data Analysis:

The tools used in DMAIC give the most important crucial to process output which makes identifying critical to process parameter easier. Selection of correct tool and templates, analysis, interpretation of results is the key for successful deployment and resource alignment.

Project Onsite Consultation:

The extent to which Six Sigma benefits your organization depends on the Management Leadership and Project Leaders. Nothing is more important than a resourceful and technical knowledge of its leaders. We can support by supplementing your existing team or a providing full time Independent Consultation.

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