Quality objectives need to be quantitative. When we start to setting these objectives we want to measure and show measurable results that would really gain consumer confidence and more business.

This by itself lets into issue moving into measuring stage. What needs to be measured should be decided from the following criteria:

1) How does it add value to have this objective measured in long term?

2) How critical is it for the Business?

3) Does it make sense to measure it in order to help with internal or external customer?

4) Does it reflect clearly the objective of measurement?

5) How difficult would it be to come to the stage of measurement?

Now its not saying if the objective is difficult to measure its not worth measuring. Its keeping mindful in decision making of the measurable and committing to getting them. Management and supervisors have to be very patient to explain the very need, criteria, impact of the measurements to each personnel responsible with data collection. Often this stage is not taken into account as part of Quality Management System training. Very useful information come to fore front when brainstorming this with SME’s.

Discuss and determine what to measure and it should make sense in long run.