When any management starts defining policies and objectives sometimes it gets confusing. Here are few examples to clarify.

If it starts with “we will do”. It’s a promise with good intent but for future purpose.


Our main policy to consider our customer as our most important business……..


We are the best and here are the reasons why our customers consider us…………..

But none of this is accurate if it does not come from the founding pillars of any organization which is the management. Just like you never delegate any important job to any other assistant for the fear of job loss. It’s that part which should never be delegated to anyone.

Policy can be very simple overview of what you see you do best and put in certain words without any frivolous decoration.

Now objectives setting are quite different since sometimes management does not oversee every aspect of business very closely and need assistance from department supervisors to come up with quantifiable targets which seem achievable in long run.

Depending on where these are reflected as part of quality manual or just management data it is not wise to keep changing either of them. So spending time to come up with good manageable and quantifiable objectives which are great projectors of company progress is very critical. I think one of the most important part of any management system is to identify where you want to head first. It reduces confusion and helps to convey best intention to whole organization as wells as vendors and clients.