The basics of how a product or service is performing in ISO 9001 certificate real time can be gauged by checks and measures provided by certain Indicators. Employee complaints, employee turnover, unqualified people performing at jobs, accident ,feedback from process owner to process developers are just some of the performance indicators under human resource and internal communication clauses of ISO 9001.

If you are like me I think I am very good productive employee. This is true till the time performance evaluation comes. No one has still told me I am not a good employee but my evaluation has still not been better from good. The whole year I keep performing to my best known capabilities assuming that if I am doing something differently than desired I will be informed but that hasn’t happened yet. My employers have been the best mentors possible. I have worked for a lot of companies which have ISO 9001 but this has been something I could not understand. Why are there no performance indicators to quantify the performance of an employee and why it comes only once a year as evaluation? Won’t it be good to know periodically that your work is efficient and performance better?

Here is one other look at these indicators. If you are not a publically traded company your employee will not know till you tell them the on goings of company. Let me give the example of my previous employer Leggett & Platt Commercial Vehicle Products. With a medium sized company every time there is a change being considered or during the tough recession years, Mr. Elliott Lyons, President, would schedule meetings with workshop and administrative people alike and address their concerns. ISO 9001 is very important for the efficient working of the organization and employee retention and performance. Not only does it remove the ambiguity of not knowing what will happen if company is not there tomorrow but it increases the confidence of the employee since his/her concern is acknowledged and cleared by management. During this tough recovery period for all the company’s alike employee is their best asset since a good employee is irreplaceable and the best performance indicator is good quality people at right jobs.

Quality system exists to help create these indicators and measure growth of the firm. So if your firm intends to get a QMS one of the greatest benefit you will have is utilizing the performance indicators to have the best employees matched to their skills.

If you need more indicator specific to the ISO 9001 clauses, please feel free to contact me.