Owning a successful startup business of yourself is similar to having right to decide your own destiny. Many under 30 young CEOs have inspired the youth especially many fresh graduates prefer having their own businesses rather than opting their career for a conventional 9 to 5 job as they want to become a manager of their own dreams instead of working for someone else’s dreams.

While making profits, doing budgeting and deciding financials of one’s start up, many entrepreneurs do not prioritize even going for ISO certification whereas many entrepreneurs tend to run away from ISO audits, ISO certification and documentations thinking it of an additional burden and hard-to-manage responsibility for their business and their team.

Moreover, many start up entrepreneurs think that being ISO certified limits their independence for new ideas. Here the question arises that whether having ISO 9001 certification is really a dying need or a much needed investment for any startup?

Or are there any ways by which ISO 9001 really provide success-proven advantages to a newly born startup business? Let’s dispel all myths together

How To Seriously Make Use of ISO 9001 That Can Drive Your Start-Up Business Successfully?

No one is against betterment leading to their products and services improvement. Let’s think what a newly born start up business needs to stand among market competitors.

The factors may include unshakable credibility and brand image, Able to attract big fishes, Increased and sustainable revenue, increased productivity, consistent on-time delivery status, effective cost reduction solutions and continuous improvement in their systems.

The good news is all the previously mentioned must-to-have factors for startups can be catered really well in ISO 9001 practical application.

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Wonders that ISO 9001 Can Do For Start-Up Entrepreneurs

ISO 9001 can be a real boost in order to strengthen your start up. Have a glance on few of the wonders that ISO 9001 has in its magical bag to offer your start up business venture.

Goals and Objectives Setting to Achieve Business Targets

The initial key elements for any start up business to have a stringent set of targets that need to be achieved by specific responsible persons or stakeholders of the business and you are lucky if you have ISO 9001 consulting services , defining all the required guidelines about how to set the goals and objectives in order to meet business demands and to grow business equally among competitors.

Change Management Control

One must be adaptable to change and being a newly born start up business there exists a strong chance of encountering many changings especially in the early stages.

ISO 9001 guidelines provides you right direction to manage changes occurring in your management system through proper channel. Planning a change, implementing a change and then reviewing the change is an integral part in Change management in ISO 9001 standard.

Sky Rocket Your Sales through ISO 9001

Recording customer feedback and successful closure of customers’ complaints will ultimately result in higher rates of customer satisfaction levels.

Knowing customers’ behavior will help you to shape a startup business according to the needs and desires of your end-consumers and once a startup business shapes itself according to customers’ needs then it will not be much difficult for entrepreneurs to boost their sales making marginal profits.

Moreover, it is easier to implement customer oriented and continual improvement in the initial days of establishing a startup rather than making new moves later on.

Marketing Asset to Increases Brand Value

Promoting once products and services being ISO 9001 certified is self-explanatory and kills many questions there at the spot because ISO 9001 certification guarantees high quality products and services hence making more credible image in the eyes of vendors, suppliers, potential clients and customers and enhanced confidence of your business partners will surely bring more business to home.

Shortened Cycle Times

Less cycle times to complete production processes will definitely contribute for cost saving initiatives and some improvement projects keeping precise quality outcomes.

Having corrective and preventive action approach to be active in your start up firm will help to decrease down the defect rates, reworks and waste production in the final products. As defect rate decreases, productivity and profit will increase.

Reporting, Tracking and Managing

Having ISO 9001 complaint management system can make things far easier to control and manage. Everything is measurable and if anything is measurable then it is controllable, trackable and manageable too.

Plus point is getting all the mandatory requirements being documented helps further to make reporting process more smooth and on time with better tracking hence more result focused approach with improved evidence based decision making.

Few Mindboggling Mental Hurdles about ISO 9001 Implementation

Let’s open ourselves to all the roadblocks that exists in our minds only and sometimes inhibits many start up entrepreneurs in successful implementation of ISO 9001 standard. We have mentioned most commonly occurring mental hurdles below:

ISO 9001 will steal Liberty

ISO 9001 do not define how to run your much owned start up business and it will definitely DO NOT steal your liberty that every entrepreneur wants to enjoy.

ISO 9001 will help you to build an effective management system that drives success and open doors to new business opportunities giving you an edge over market competitors.

ISO 9001 Implementation is Many Months Long Activity

Believe us, ISO standards are not among rocket science like subjects. No one wants to drain hard earned money just by making silly mistakes and putting brand reputation on stake.

SO 9001 are not only meant to get framed to serve as a decoration piece in anyone’s office instead they help you in practical terms making your business able to earn more money through systematic approach.

Only Big Businesses Can Afford Luxuries like ISO 9001 Certification

No, not in any way! ISO 9001 is a dire need of any organization no matter it is a multinational giant or a small startup. ISO 9001 has become a necessity and not a prestige to be able to compete in this competitive world where things and technologies are evolving on a very fast pace.

No one would prefer to work with a traditional orthodox minded entrepreneurs who have not open their arms yet to embrace change and obviously a very positive change indeed.