I read an article on ISO 9001 how the mortgage mess is shaping up with now more clerical error are being blamed for hundreds of foreclosures. It goes on to mention how with advent of technology getting information is easy but getting facts is challenging. It would seem that we know so much now but do we exactly know the truth and really where our efforts, houses, savings, and retirement nests resting are. It’s the maze in ISO 9001 which we probably cannot figure and the reason is simple. It started with best of the effort for everyone but all the way nobody knows who dropped the ball. The lenders, bankers, or the process is convoluted.

We talk about processes and how they are interlinked and ask for more transparency and we sure cannot get the mortgage industry ISO 9001 certified with a wand but aren’t we looking for same quality which we desire in products and services all around us. Services are a big part of our lives and a little tricky to measure since they are not tangible. But if that is your product won’t you be that concerned to make sure that its performance is quantifiable some way so that your customer gets the best service and remains loyal to you.

It used to be hard to comprehend the part of service as a product. But now the consumer is aware and more advised and quality no longer is an adjective, it is one of the traits desired in service. Organizations like AICPA, satellite servicing, IT consulting, Health care are ISO 9001 certified and being more profitable and enjoying unprecedented growth. It’s a commitment which states that you value your customers and want to give service with highest quality to them. Seems like a win-win for all.

How all the clauses are translated and inferred in relation to the service is a major factor after ISO 9001. A good consultant, knowledgeable and understanding registrar and desire for certification is all it requires. With a good team in place and processes to explain what and how service is delivered ISO is more tangible for any industry.

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