What is ISO?

The organization named ISO (International Organization for Standardization) was came into being as a result of merger of two organizations which were “International Federation of the National Standardization Associations” and “United Nations Standard Coordinating Committee”. The sole purpose for creating a standardization body was to facilitate the international coordination and to unite industrial standards all over the world.

Today ISO operates in around 150 countries and has published over 16,500 international standards which are being practiced in many industries worldwide. The ISO delegates meet each other on a regular basis to further develop new standards, review existing standards and modify existing standards according to latest developments and management needs.

What is ISO certification All About?

Following are the six golden points that will explain all about ISO certification and its process:

  • Document Control: Every process occurring in a system needs to be documented having a document number and a revision or review date.
  • Record Control: Documentation system needs to be saved and maintained in soft and hard form and can easily retrievable when required.
  • Internal Review or Internal Audit System: Organization must have an internal audit routine existing in their management routine and must have designated internal auditors and those internal auditors should be trained on ISO standards and ISO guidelines.
  • Non- conformance: Anything that does not comply with ISO standard is a non-conformity.
  • Corrective Action: Rectifying a non-conformance is called Corrective Action.
  • Preventive Action: Reducing the chance of recurring non-conformance is called taking preventive actions.

Biggest Myth About ISO Certification Just Got Unveiled!

At ISO, International standards are being developed or modified when needed. ISO does NOT involve in certification or recertification and do NOT issue certificates. The process of certification or recertification has always being performed by external certification bodies. To further help, one of the ISO committee on Conformity Assessment (CASCO) has developed a number of standards on certification process and those designed certification processes has been used by external certification bodies.

Top Five Advantages of Being ISO Certified:

Every standard holds unique benefits for different manufacturing product sites. However, the top five blockbuster advantages to get ISO certification are:

  • Increment in success rate in public and private tenders.
  • Improved Customer’s satisfaction level with your Products and Services
  • Upgradation of Quality of Products and Services and its Continuous Improvement
  • Optimized Operational Efficiency leading to Increased Profit Margins
  • Value addition in Company’s Portfolio

How Do I Know If I Need to Get ISO Certification?

Still unsure if you need to have an ISO certificate for your organization or do you consider it as a luxurious expenditure? ISO certification is a necessity for your organization in order to get ahead of the industrial competition running in present market.

You can ask yourself below mentioned seven eye-opening questions and can decide yourself whether to go for ISO certification or not:

  • Worried about recurring problems in your value end chain? Would like to eliminate the root cause of the recurring problems in your operation cycle so that your time, energy and money can be saved?
  • Would you like to manage your resources in a better way for efficient time utilization?
  • Do you need an increased Asset Intensity in your production processes to hit productivity targets?
  • Would like to have a stronger bond between you and your consumers by having an efficient and proactive customer care system?
  • Would you like to improve customer / supplier relationship?
  • Would you mind winning tenders for your organization every time you jump in the race?
  • Do you notice any areas of improvements in your organization that can increase profit margins and decrease leakages or loopholes in your system?

Is “Yes” what you get as an answer to any of the above questions, then ISO certification is just the right thing for you. Start Your ISO Certification Process.

How to Get ISO certification?

Sync Resources aims to make ISO certification process much easier and convenient for our clients. An initial assessment is needed to take place to get an idea where your organization currently stands in accordance with the chosen or recommended ISO standard. Gaps will be identified in initial assessment where a timeline will be advised by the client to close those gaps highlighted in initial assessment. After some weeks of initial assessment being done and all the gaps highlighted get closed by the team then a re-visit will be planned where audit will be done by an expert team of auditors with some delegated staff of yours as auditees.

Auditees will facilitate the Auditor’s visit and will present the documentation system needed for ISO certification audit. If all the clauses of the recommended ISO standards gets fulfilled and no major non-conformity get highlighted throughout the Audit by Auditors then an ISO certificate will be issued to your organization that will not only enhance your company’s profile but will have a very positive impact on your organization’s profit margins and will help to identify, control and eliminate any loss or leakages in your system effectively. Here you can find a Free ISO Certification Readiness Review Report.